New Developments for Increased Productivity and Improved Safety

Wenger Thermal Twin Extrusion Systems

New from Wenger, the TT760 and TT3630 Thermal Twin extruders are unlike any twin screw extruder on the market today, in terms of design, capabilities and efficiency. Thanks to angled steam injector ports oriented in the direction of material flow, along with a unique screw profile that allows steam to be mixed into the product, the TT Series can utilize up to four times more thermal energy than the average twin screw machine. That translates into thermal to mechanical energy ratios of 14 to 1, which means lower energy costs, less wear and a lower environmental impact.

Due to its "natural" cooking process, compared to high-shear cook, the Thermal Twin process offers new opportunities in extruded foods. For example, products that are high in corn or rice content can be processed without the stickiness previously encountered in other extruder designs. Starches may be fully cooked without damage to functional and organoleptic properties.

In pet food applications, the ability to use high levels of thermal energy also provides the potential to produce specialty foods and treats with up to 90 percent fresh meat (as a percent of the dry recipe) and up to 40 percent moisture without changing the extruder configuration.

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Wenger High Intensity Preconditioner

Referred to as "the most significant preconditioning development for extrusion cooking in the last 20 years," the new Wenger High Intensity Preconditioner (HIP) provides a level of mixing intensity that makes it the perfect complement to the new Wenger extruder designs.

Two independently driven shafts offer both speed and rotational direction control for a wide range of capacities, mixing intensities and retention times.

Available in three models with capacities to 20,000 kg/hr, the Wenger High Intensity Preconditioner also offers a choice of three "mixing intensity" settings for control by process personnel. Thanks to its high intensity action, the Wenger HIP produces more uniform hydration and heating of the recipe and allows the increased addition of meat slurries and other liquids in the recipe, not to mention increased levels of hygiene and food safety.

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Wenger Hygienic System Components

As much as food and feed manufacturers attempt to control salmonella, e-coli and other contaminants, they're still able to enter or move around the plant on personnel and equipment, via airflow and through contaminated ingredients. Fortunately, Wenger has addressed the problem with a full line of hygienic products and components.

Offerings include Waste Recycling Systems to capture emissions and/or under-processed material to prevent recontamination; a new, closed-loop Pneumatic Conveying System; on-line measurement and control systems to decouple personnel from direct product contact; new, stainless-steel hygienic machine frames that can be retrofitted to pre-existing extruders, and a new preconditioner slide gate and dust-tight downspout.

Under-processed material and "fugitive" dust, which can act as a host for pathogens that can survive for up to 300 days, are the greatest sources of contamination. Stopping them in their tracks is one of Wenger's primary goals.

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Wenger Enhanced Sanitary Dryer

From its inception, the Wenger Enhanced Sanitary Dryer was designed for more than impressive drying and cooling performance. As the name implies, it was also engineered for greater sanitation; less potential for cross-contamination and bacteria build-up, and a reduction in the amount of production time lost to downtime.

Initial design criteria stipulated that no internal horizontal surface could be larger than five by five millimeters unless absolutely necessary (i.e. pans, floors, etc.). The standards also called for a minimum 30-degree slope on all internal ledges, as well as the elimination of cracks and crevices in which fines and material could collect. Of course, less accumulation of material also means quicker, easier cleaning.

However, that's just the beginning. We've also made it faster and easier to clean out the Wenger Enhanced Sanitary Dryer by increasing clearances, eliminating potential spillage and adding seals. Polyester air filters even filter room air as it enters the system … putting the Enhanced Sanitary Dryer in a class of its own.

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