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Coating & Enrobing Systems

Taste and quality come together with Wenger's product coating and enrobing systems.


Uniformly apply liquid flavoring or nutritional additives at the optimal temperature and quantity to:

  • Snack foods
  • Cereals
  • Animal foods, treats, & feeds

Wenger offers four coating solutions:


Reel Coaters

used primarily for human foods, snacks, cereals

Dual Shaft Coaters

used primarily for pet foods and treats

Batch Coaters

used for pet foods, treats, aquatic feeds

Vacuum Batch Coaters

used for pet foods, treats, aquatic feeds      manufactured by Dinnissen    ​

Pet Flex

Dual Shaft Coater (DSC)

  • Two counter-rotating shafts that provide gentle mixing and conveying of the product
    • variable speed up to 33 rpm

    • variable depth adjustment

    • variable convey time

  • Enclosed, sanitary design (316 SS) to meet food safety regulations
  • Weigh belt offers continuous weighment

  • Powder coating option

  • Optimize the liquid application absorption and uniformity at all application rates
  • Liquid application via:
    • Rotating disc with nebulizer
    • Spray nozzles
  • Applications from 0.5 – 12.0%, up to 15% with some recipes
  • Heat jacketing options for condensation control
  • Liquid mass flow metering
  • Two models:
     DSC 850                            1 - 8 TPH                  
     DSC 1650                            8 - 16 TPH             

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