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Extrudate Temperature Monitoring

Continuous Temperature Monitoring - and Rejection of Low Temp Product - to Ensure Proper Food Safety

Extrusion Temperature Monitoring (ETM) is a useful upgrade for any Wenger extruder. This solution enables constant monitoring and logging of product temperature data via Wenger's APM control system and safe diversion of product in the extruder that does not meet the correct temperature requirement. ETM is especially important in production of pet foods, as extrudate temperature is one of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCPs) necessary for safety of animal feeds.


How it Works


A probe in the extruder barrel measures product temperature. The APM monitors this probe and will reject extruded product until the desired temperature is reached. This is accomplished via Wenger's Back Pressure Valve (BPV). Once the correct temperature is reached, the operator will initiate a command for the extrusion system to start full production.


During production, if for whatever reason the extrudate temperature falls below a set threshold, the APM will reject product until the desired temperature is reached again. The operator will then initiate a command to resume production.


Extrudate Temperature Monitoring utilizes hot backup control. If one temperature-sensing element fails, the APM will produce an alarm and automatically switch to the backup element. This allows production to continue until maintenance can be performed.

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