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Back Pressure Valve (BPV)

Increase Control of your Extrusion Operation


The Back Pressure Valve (BPV) is a bolt-on option for your Wenger extruder that enables increased control during start-up, shut-down, and normal process operation.  Three valve functions in one device make it easy to regulate pressure and peform other necessary activities.


Use during Start-Up/Shut-down:

  • Divert extrudate to waste  (bottom discharge)
  • Eliminates wet material in knife hood or conveying system
  • Cleaner work environment during start-up
  • Safer work environment for shut-down and die removal

Use during Operation

  • Regulate extruder barrel pressure
  • Provide relief of die pressure as needed (bottom discharge)
  • SME input
  • Can help adjust for variations in material


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