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Thermal Twin Twin Screw Extruders

Removing Product Barriers


Wenger Thermal Twin Extruders remove product barriers and allow industry innovation by creating a new energy source through the increased use of steam injection.

  • Angled steam injector ports oriented in the direction of material flow
  • 4x more steam injection into extrusion zones
  • Up to 12% steam injection evenly distributed over the length of the barrel
  • 14:1 thermal to mechanical energy ratios
  • Operating costs nearly equal to single screw technology


Testing of Thermal Twin technology has consistently yielded products with more than 90% cook compared to values in the 80s when the same products were processed on conventional extruders - with no change in product density or palatability.



Thermal Twin Benefits


  • Less costly energy source (vary input ratio of thermal to mechanical energy) – Lower SME
  • Lower wear costs compared to other twin screw systems
  • Less sticky products due to low shear
  • Ability to achieve higher meat and other slurry levels
  • More “natural” cooking (thermal energy) leads to development of new products
  • Lower vitamin and trace mineral destruction
  • High Intensity Preconditioner

    The Wenger High Intensity Preconditioner (HIP) provides a level of mixing intensity that makes it the perfect complement to the newest Wenger extruders.

    • Two independently driven shafts offer speed and rotational direction control
    • Wide range of capacities and retention times
    • Three mixing intensity settings
    • More uniform hydration and heating of the recipe
    • Allows increased addition of meat slurries and other liquids in the recipe
  • Automated Mixing Intensity Control

    • Load cells take control of the process, including startup, shutdown and cleanout modes
    • Controls for temperature, moisture and shaft speed
    • Helps reduce waste at both startup and shutdown
  • Food Safety

    • Stainless steel hygienic frames and constructed with minimal seams for improved hygiene
    • Less horizontal surface area for product accumulation
    • Dust-tight downspout reduces fugitive dust in the transition from preconditioner to extruder
    • Hygienic Pneumatic Hood comes equipped with sampling port and sight glass for no-touch monitoring


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