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Convection Roaster (CVR)

Patented, intermediate drying systems for delicate and sophisticated foods and pet foods


The CRV is more than a dryer, it can help you create unique foods - with softer bites and precise outer firmness.

Excellent Success with Higher Fresh Meat Inclusion Pet Food

  • Fresh meat inclusion can create a very soft and mushy product if not processed correctly

  • The CVR, as a critical step after extrusion, uses high heat and shorter retention times to "set" the product with an appropriate firmness to survive processing steps

  • However, the high moisture CVR process also creates a softer product after final drying.

  • This results in a highly palatable end product that is firm yet moist

  • In some cases, clients using a CVR have been able to reduce or eliminate final coatings

  • Technology only available from Wenger

Pet Flex
Pet Flex

Mid-Sized Oven for Any Food Drying Application

  • Clean design, no internal subfloors
  • Excllent choice if a heavy duty dryer is not needed
  • Great for delicate or coated foods and snacks
  • Sanitary option availble

Can also be used for lower throughput aquatic feed products

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