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Wenger Care Program

Optimize the performance of your extrusion and drying systems with training, troubleshooting, and tips from the team that knows your Wenger equipment the best. 


The WEnger CARE program can help you identify any mechanical, sanitation, and safety areas of concern while also increasing product quality, energy efficiency, and knowledge of your operators and maintenance staff.  Wenger service teams take time to learn your day-to-day operations and provide recommendations (such as process changes, replacement parts, maintenance routines) to help you overcome any operational challenges and produce high quality products more effectively.


The Wenger team's focus is provide "hands on" training to your staff to demonstrate best processes for maintaining and optimizing your Wenger equipment. This includes helping operators make appropriate process adjustments to achieve operational goals. The more your team understands the details - and how small changes can often have big impacts - the more confident they will become to make adjustments, identify potential problem areas, and take corrective actions on their own.


WEnger CARE is not about pushing parts and new equipment you may not need.  Wenger service teams always have your best interest in mind when recommending potential solutions, which can often be more about process adjustments and proper maintenance.  If replacement parts are needed, Wenger will help you make intelligent choices based on your equipment and budget.


Wenger care evaluations

Of course, Wenger technicians know your Wenger equipment better than anyone.  But they are also very knowledgeable of extrusion cooking and drying processes, operating data analysis, and food manufacturing best practices.  Trust your service needs to the best in the business.


Keith Erdley

Although WEnger CARE can be modified to meet each customer's individual needs, below are aspects that customers typically find  highly beneficial:


Equipment Evaluation options


  • Equipment Evaluation with Focus on Sanitation, Safety, and Mechanical Operation
  • Process Flow Device Verification
  • Review of Critical Safety and Control Devices and Circuits
  • Dryer Inspection and Adjustments including Airflow and Temperature Balancing
  • Dryer Heat Source Component Review
  • Electrical Inspection of Extruder, Dryer, Cooler, and/or Coating Systems
  • Control System Evaluation and Optimization
  • Equipment Evaluations with Focus on Procedures to Increase Uptime and Avoid Unplanned Maintenance Costs
  • Detailed report of all findings and recommendations

Process Evaluation options


  • Review of Critical Control Points
  • Sanitation Process Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Food Safety Review, including Identification of Fugitive Dust Areas and Controls
  • Best Practices to Reduce Downtime, Product Waste, Changeover Costs, and Energy Consumption
  • Overall Extrusion System Performance Review and Recommendations
  • Dryer Moisture Uniformity and Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Detailed report of all findings and recommendations

Process Training options


  • On Site or Virtual Classroom Process Training – Operations and/or Maintenance Focus
  • On Site Process and Hands-On Training – Assist Operators in Gaining Confidence and Control of the Extrusion Production Process
  • Wenger Technical Center Process and Hands-On Training (Sabetha, KS) – Learning from the Wenger Process/Technical Teams

Extended Service Programs


  • Annual Inspection Visits (typically 1-2 days)
  • Customized Troubleshooting and Maintenance Services
  • Remote Technical Support and Consulting
  • Detailed report of all findings and recommendations


The real advantage of WEnger CARE is that you can define - and receive - the support level you need to optimize your operation and properly train your staff.


We do way more than just inspect your machines . . . we CARE about helping you maximize your extrusion and drying processes.