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Optima Single Screw Extruders

Engineered for Performance, Productivity,  Efficiency & Return

More than 40 years of experience have resulted in refinements to Optima Single Screw Extruders. Today, these extruders assure greater production potential with more available energy through the unique design of the screw flighting and barrel ribbing.

  • 30% to 50% increase in production capacity

  • Improved control of product textural attributes and bulk density

  • Reduced sensitivity to component wear

  • Improved mechanical energy utilization

More available energy for more output

We re-engineered the extruder's drive components and preconditioning assembly, without compromising extruder control capabilities, finished product quality, ease of operation, or life of critical extruder components. Greater production output results in reduced capital equipment cost per unit of throughput.

  • DDC Preconditioner

    The DDC Preconditioner pre-moistens and pre-heats dry recipes with steam (or water or meat slurries) ahead of the extruder barrel. The retention time of meal in the preconditioner can be controlled from a few seconds to as long as 250 seconds. Complete moisture penetration of every feed particle optimizes heat transfer and starch gelatinization, and makes it practical to successfully extrude feeds formulated with as much as 22% internal fat.

  • Stainless Steel Pneumatic Product Pick-up Hood

    The Product Pick-up Hood assures cleaner operation by removing waste steam, vapors and fines at the extruder discharge. The product is transported gently by negative air directly from the die to the dryer, minimizing product distortion. An access port permits samples to be drawn for examination without diverting flow or risk of injury. Remote or PLC activated diverter valves incorporated in the design facilitate extruder start-up and shut-down by allowing waste products to bypass air transport to the dryer.

  • Mid-Barrel Valve

    The Mid-Barrel Valve permits SME to be increased by up to 50% while allowing more precise control of the process. Because it is an internal component, it can be installed in any position along the length of the barrel.

  • Barrel Components

    Barrel components — screws, barrel sleeves, and shearlocks — are proprietary stainless steel alloys. The result is greater resistance to wear, increased barrel life and significant reductions in extruder maintenance and operating costs.

  • Back Pressure Valve

    The Back Pressure Valve mounts on the end of the extruder prior to the final die and provides on-line control of shear stress and SME for regulation of product characteristics, including: size and uniformity of cell structure, shape definition, starch gelatinization, bulk density and liquid absorption.


Model No.

Screw DiameterMotor kWCapacity kg/h
X-115115 mm75-132500-2000
X-165165 mm90-2501000-6000
X-185216 mm160-6302000-14000
X-235235 mm315-7504500-20000
X-280280 mm750-100020000-30000

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